1-jan 5th-Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NY

2-Jan 11th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar, Brooklyn, NY

3-Jan 25th-Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NY

4-Feb 8th-Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NY

5-Feb 14th-Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NY

6-Feb 23rd-Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NY

7-March-9th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn

8-March-16th-Rodrigo Bonelli Trio at Silvana, 7:00 set

9-March 23rd-ZS at Guadalupe Inn

10-April 6th-Guadalupe Inn

11-April 11th-AB Jazz Trio

12-April 20th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn

13-May 4th-Guadalupe Inn

14-May 5th-Rodrigo Bonelli Trio at Silvana 7 to 8

15-May 10th-Glass Church at The wayward Social

16-May 18th-Guadalupe Inn

17-May 31st-Guadalupe Inn

18-June 14th-ZS at Gudalupe Inn

19-June 15th-Brasil Trio at Silvana

20-June 29th-Zona Sul at Gadalupe Inn

21-July 3rd-Brasil Trio + 1 at Dobs Ferry Park Feat Gilherme Dias Gomes

22-July 5th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Silvana, 7pm set

23-July 26th-Sidecar Agogo at Thai Rock

24-July 27th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn

25-August 3rd-Rodrigo Bonelli Trio at Silvana

26-August 9th-ZS at Guadalupe Inn

27-August 16th-Electro Rhythm Collective at Freddy's, Brooklyn, 10:30 set

28-August 25th-Rodrigo Bonelli Trio at The Rochard

29-August 30th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn

30-September 6th-AB Jazz Trio at Reunion

31-September 14th-ZS at Guadalupe Inn

32-September 19th-Electro Rhythm Collective at Bierwax, Brooklyn, NY

33-September 21st-W/ Sidecar Agogo in Queens

34-September 28th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn

35-October 1st-Rodrigo Bonelli Quartet at the Kingston Public House

36-October 5th-Electro Rhythm Collective at Freddy’s

37-October 12th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn

38-October 26th-ZS at Guadalupe Inn

39-November 12th-Masterclass/Concert Stuttgart, Germany

40-November 13th-Rodrigo Bonelli Quartet at Villa Irniger, Zurich, Switzerland

41-November 14th-Rodrigo Bonelli Quartet at ESSE Jazz club, Winterthur, Switzerland

42-November 23rd-Zona Sul Panamerican band at Guadalupe Inn


1-February 9th-Sidecar Agogo at Hometown, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 8PM

2-February 10th-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet-Silvana, Harlem 6 to 8

3-February 21st-Brasil Trio + 1, Lua Bar, Brooklyn, NYC

4-February 23rd-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet-Shrine, Harlem 6 to 8

5-March 11th-Brasil Trio + 1, Jazz Forum Tarrytown, sets at 4 and 6

6-May 5th-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet at Shrine, 7pm set

7-May 11th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NY 8 to 11.

8-May 19th-Sidecar Agogo at Silvana, NY, 8pm set

9-June 2nd-Sidecar Agogo at Viper Studios, Long Island, NY 8pm set

10-June 22nd-Sidecar Agogo at Thai Rock, 8:30, NYC

11-Junw 30th-Sidecar Agogo at Hometown, Red Hook, Brooklyn

12-July 13th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NY

13-July 21st-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet at Silvana, 7 to 8. Harlem, NYC

14-July 22nd-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet Feat. Guilherme Dias Gomes at the Jazz Forum, Tarrytown NY, 4 and 6pm sets

15-July 30th-ZS at The United Nations, Manhattan, NYC

16-August 3rd-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn

17-August 12th-Sidecar Agogo, Long Beach, Long Island NY

18-September 7th-ZS at Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn NY

19-September 28th-ZS at Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn NY

20-September 29th-w/ the AB Jazz Trio at Reunion

21-October 13th-Sidecar Agogo at Thai Rock, Rockaway Beach, NY

22-October 14th-AB Jazz Trio at Reunion

23-October 20th-long Island w/ Sidecar Agogo

24-October 20th-sidecar Agogo at Shelter Island Music Festival, LI, NY

25-October 3rd-ZS at Guadalupe Inn

26-November 9th-Zona Sul at Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NYC

27-November 17th-Sidecar Agogo at Greenprot, LI

28-December 1st-ZS at Guadalupe Inn

29-December 29th-ZS at Guadalupe Inn



1-January 14th-ZS at La Gamelle
2-January 15th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3-January 22nd-ZS at Esperanto
4-January 27th-W/ Zamba to Samba at The Way Station 8pm set
5-January 28th-ZS at La Gamelle
6-January 29th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco

7-February 1st-Zona Sul at Esperanto, 7:30 set
8-February 3rd-Hometown with Sidecar Agogo, Brooklyn, NY

9-February 4th-At La Gamelle, Manhattan, NYC
10-February 6th-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet at Subrosa,8 and 10pm set, Meatpacking District, NYC

11-February 9th-La Gamelle, NYC

12-February 10th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar, Brooklyn, NYC
13-February 12th-Brasil Trio +1 at Beco Bar

14-February 17th-Sidecar Agogo at Beco bar, 8:30 pm

15-February 18th-at La Gamelle
16-February 26nd-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

17-March 3rd-Sidecar Agogo at Beco Bar, Brooklyn

18-March 4th-Zona Sul at Esperanto, East Village, NYC
19-March 12th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

20-March 18th-Zona Sul at La Gamelle, 9:30

21-March 22nd-ZS at Esperanto

22-March 23rd-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet at Club Bonafide, 7:30
23-March 26th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

24-April 1st-Zona Sul at La Gamelle

25-April 5th-Zona Sul at Esperanto

26-April 6th-Sidecar Agogo at Silvana , 10pm set

27-April 19th-Concert at Leftfield art space, Brooklyn

28-April 20th-ZS at La Gamelle

29-April 21st-Sidecar Agogo at Hometown, Brooklyn, NYC

30-April 22nd-Zona Sul at Esperanto

31-April 23rd-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

32-April 26th-Zona Sul at Esperanto, LES, NYC

33-April 28th-Sidecar Agogo at Beco Bar, Brooklyn

34-April 29th-Zona Sul at La Gamelle

35-May 4th-La Gamelle-7:30

36-May 6th-Esperanto from 3:30 to 6:30

37-May 7th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco, Williamsburg 5 to 8pm

38-May 11th-La Gamelle, Manhattan, NYC

39-May 12th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

40-May 14th-Zona Sul at Esperanto

41-May 19th-Sidecar Agogo at Beco, Wlliamsburg, Brooklyn

42-May 21st-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco, 5 to 8 pm

43-May 25th-ZS at La Gamelle

44-May 27th-Sidecar Agogo at Olive's, Nyack, NY

45-May 28th-Esperanto, Avenue C, Manhattan-3:30

46-June 2nd-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet at Silvana, 7pm set

47-June 2nd-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco 9:00 to 11:00

48-June 4th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco

49-June 6th-Zona Sul at Esperanto, 7:30

50-June 9th-Sidecar Agogo at Beco Bar, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

51-June 13th-Zona Sul at Esperanto, 7:30

52-June 15th-ZS at La Gamelle, Bowery, NYC

53-June 16th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco

54-June 18th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco

55-June 23rd-Madsummer Festival, PA, Sidecar Agogo

56-June 24th-Madsummer Festival, PA, Sidecar Agogo

57-June 27th-ZS at Esperanto, 7:30

58-June 30th-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet at Shrine

59-June 30th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar 9:00

60-July 2nd-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco

61-July 11th-At Esperanto, NYC

62-July 14th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

63-July 16th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco

64-July 18th-ZS at Esperanto

65-July 20th-Zona Sul at La Gamelle

66-July 21st-Sidecar Agogo + 1 at Beco

67-July 22nd-Brasil Trio + 1 at Rough Trade, 10pm, Williamsburg Brooklyn

68-July 25th-Zona Sul at Esperanto

69-July 27th-ZS at La Gamelle

70-July 28th-Zona Sul, Concert at the United Nations, Manhattan, NYC

71-July 28th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

72-July 30th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco

73-August 11th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

74-August 13th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

75-September 8th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

76-September 10th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

77-September 22nd-Brasil Trio +1 at Beco Bar

78-September 24th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

79-September 30th-Sidecar Agogo at Hometown

80-October 1st-Brasil Trio + 1 at Cafe Argentino, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

81-October 8th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

82-October 13th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Beco Bar

83-October 14th-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet at Shrine 6 to 8, Harlem, NYC

84-October 15th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Cafe Argentino

85-Ocotber 20th-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet, Stuttgart, Germany

86-October 21nd-Guilherme Dias Gomes Quintet, Munich, Germany

87-October 27th-Sidecar Agogo at Beco Bar, Brooklyn, NY

88-October 29th-Brasil Trio + 1 at Cafe Argentino

89-November 3rd-Rodrigo Bonelli Quintet, 7pm, Silvana, Harlem, NYC

90-November 5th-Brasil Trio + 1, Beco Bar, Williamburg, Brooklyn

91-November 24th-Brasil Trio + 1, Beco Bar, Williamsburg, Brooklyn